Welcome to Finscéal, my little corner of the web. This is where my stories live which I've written over the years. Most of them are fairly old, and some have been published before on a site called Elfwood which sadly went down several years ago.

I decided against keeping the content from my old site here. None of those stories were finished, and since they chronicled the adventures of RPG groups which have long since ceased to exist, there was no chance of them ever getting a proper ending. Instead, I'm collecting some shorter pieces which at least have the benefit of being complete.

My library currently consists of two sections: one contains some pieces set in the universe of Star Wars - The Old Republic, the other houses the aforementioned orphans from Elfwood and other odds and ends. I may or may not expand it in the future - inspiration is a fickle thing, as we all know. For now, enjoy what is already here!

Any comments? Write me at nimue[dot]rpg[at]gmail[dot]com, or find me on Twitter.