Will's Journey

The king called to war as the Red Tusk was rising
Crimson that day ran the waters of woe.
Through blood and tears granting death as a mercy
A final gift to a friend.

A home for a warrior wounded and broken,
Sword put aside for the stoneshaper’s tools.
A new life beginning as wounds slowly mended
A ray of hope in the dark.

Clamour of battle through nocturnal silence,
The gates opened wide by a traitorous hand.
A refuge in flames and love lost to slaughter,
Life’s blood pooled by the well.

Drifting in blackness, the void did not claim him
Oblivion barred by the need for revenge.
Sunlight in darkness gave life to the fallen,
Return to the Realm again.

Oath of the guardian witnessed by hundreds,
Oath of the avenger witnessed by three.
In shadowy caverns the power accepted,
Shield forged into a blade.

No mercy for Evil, the oath had been spoken
The first of the murderers met his just end.
A feast for the dogs in the wake of the battle
Vengeance claimed beyond death.

Twice broken, once mending, a burden to carry
As ancient memories now are his own.
Gather the pieces, move onward, forward
Northward into the Mist.